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The cablewings are minimalistic award-winning cable holders which form a seamless unit with the chargers of Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. This space-saving solution eliminates cable clutter created during transport or storage of the charger and prevents damage to the cable.

This package includes one pair of cablewings which are perfect for all USB-C MacBook (Air/Pro), 13W iPad chargers and EU and US iPhone or Apple Watch chargers, as well as two high quality replacement tapes by tesa®.

The final version may be slightly changed in design (new photos are in progress). Chargers are not included.

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Sleek & Streamlined: The Ultimate Cable Companion

Our cable management tool is ingeniously small and discreet, engineered to perfectly complement recent Apple chargers. Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to a clutter-free space. Simplify your life with our sleek and compact solution that effortlessly keeps your charging setup organized and elegant.

Feather-Light: Easy Portability, Anywhere

Experience ultimate convenience with our cable management tool – it's as light as a feather! Designed for those on the move, you won't even feel its presence when you're out and about. Embrace cable management freedom with our ultra-light gadget, revolutionizing the way you carry and use your Apple charger.

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Product information

Size: 25x25x8mm

Weight: 14,0g

Material: Polylac PA727

Colour: Pure White (same color as apple products)

Cablewings are Made in Germany.

What is included?

A pair of cablewings

2x high quality replacement tape by tesa®

Chargers are not included.

Will this work with my charger?

Cablewings are compatible with chargers of following devices:

- All current apple chargers (besides Mac Book Air US model)
- iPhone chargers (EU & US)
- Apple Watch chargers (EU & US)
- all iPad chargers
- all MacBook USB-C chargers (2015 and later)
- all MacBook Pro USB-C chargers (2016 and later)
- all MacBook Ais USB-C chargers (2018 and later)

What about MagSafe chargers?
You also can use cablewings with MagSafe chargers, but those have foldout holders on their own and the cable is fixed on one end, which makes the usage more complicated.

What about other chargers?
We also tested cablewings with Samsung and LG chargers. Some of them worked fine, in some cases cables were too thin.

If you want the next version to support your device, drop us a message.


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