Hi and first of all thank you for your purchase.

Here is a how-to depending on the charger you want to use.


First of all, there are two methods to use Cablewings:

  1. Pragmatic (Cablewings are 90° to the plug), which can be used with all plugs.
  2. Minimalistic (Cablewings are in line with the plug), which can't be used with UK and AU plugs.

You can use cablewings with following chargers

Unboxing and Mounting

Open the package by pulling the cover.

Important: You will find two replacement tapes, so in case the tape gets dirty, you can replace it. However the tape is removable without any estate. The tape is a high quality product provided by tesa®.

Clear the surface of your charger and decide, which method you want to use. You can change the method later. We tested the tape and it works with up to 10 repositioning.

Pull the protection of the tape away ...

and push the Cablewings on your charger. If you travel and change the plugs take care not to cover the plug.

Clip the cable

To clip the cable you should make a snaky move on the wing and press the cable down


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