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The Idea

An elegant charger is part of a sophisticated notebook. But its cable spaghetti has never been practical.

The cablewings are minimalistic cable holders which form a seamless unit with the chargers of Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. They are also suitable for numerous other models. This space-saving solution eliminates cable clutter created during transport or storage of the charger and prevents damage to the cable.

The special thing about the discreet cablewings is that the cables can be rolled up in two simple and intuitive ways.

The cable attached elegantly along the length of the charger consumes minimal space in the bag. On the other hand, if the cable is conveniently rolled up over the broadside of the charger, the notebook, tablet or smartphone can be charged, even if the cable was only partially unrolled.

Buy Cablewings

€25.00 EUR


  • Small

    Cablewings are minimalistic, they don't use much space with or without wrapped cable.

  • Light

    The weight is just a few grams. You will not notice them.

  • Award Winning

    Cablewings are a piece of design. They are a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

  • Made with Love

    Designed and produced with love in Germany.

A long way

We invested a lot of time and work into the development of cablewings. At the end we created a product, which looks good and works.


We tested different designs and approaches until it was perfect to be a minimalistic, space saving  and beautiful gadget.

Now in your hands

We start the delivery in December and we will deliver worldwide in a view days after the order.


Which devices cablewings are compatible with?

Cablewings are compatible with chargers of following devices:

- iPhone chargers (EU & US)

- Apple Watch chargers (EU & US)

- all iPad chargers

- all MacBook USB-C chargers (2015 and later)

- all MacBook Pro USB-C chargers (2016 and later)

Why there is a pair of cablewings?

We designed cablewings for a lot of devices.

You need one piece for your iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

For MacBook (Pro) chargers one pair of cablewings is neccessary, due to the size of the charger.

What about MagSafe chargers?

You also can use cablewings with MagSafe chargers, but those have foldout holders on their own and the cable is fixed on one end, which makes the usage more complicated.

What about other chargers

We tested calewings also with Samsung and LG chargers. Some of them worked fine, in some cases cables were to thin. 

If you want the next version to support your device, drop us a message.

How cablewings work

  • Put cablewings on your charger

    Remove the protection sheet from the cablewings and put it on your charger.

  • Beginn with one end

    Put the one end of the cable between the outer and inner wing. 

  • Wrap the cable

    Wrap the cable around the charger several times and place it between both inner wings until just a short end is remaining.

  • Fix the end

    Put the end of the cable between other outer and inner wings, so the cable is fixed.