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brezzl. GmbH
Vladislav Svetashkov
Bothmerstr. 14 RGB
80634 Munich

Mail: vs at
Phone: +49176 4566 8856

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For press we can deliver 3d printed prototypes for testing until the end of June and after we will ship Cablewings from the serial production. Just drop us a message.


Cablewings by brezzl. are an Award-Winning cable holders for Apple chargers with a beautiful and minimalistic design to end the cable chaos.

April 9th’18, Munich Germany – brezzl. GmbH, the preorder for innovative and minimalistic cable holder for Apple chargers is live and customers from al over the world can get the cablewings soon in their  hands.

A 2018 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, an international price for great design, cablewings are innovative and beautiful cable holders and can be pre-ordered right now.

“We designed cablewings with the intention to be a perfect extension to chargers and to end the cable chaos once for all, either you use an iPhone or a MacBook with USB-C charger” says founder Vladislav Svetashkov. "